Meditation for Beginners – Choosing From the Options

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Namaste friends, welcome again to meditation for beginners. As you know from reading some of the posts that I’ve made on meditation for beginners, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. My best advice for you is to check out this great online store that has all sorts of products for beginners learning to meditate. It will give you a great start. In fact, it is where I have found many of my best CDs on meditation.

So check them out and see what their CDs and other materials can do for you. I think you’ll be pleasantly pleased. But let’s talk a little bit about different modalities of meditation. We’ll start with Buddhist meditation for beginners as this is a system that often requires sitting.

In fact, sitting is one of the most common postures used in meditation. I will often sit in the classic half lotus position if I want a very robust and active meditation where my mind stays engaged with my body. I find this meditation posture to be tremendously beneficial for meditating with awareness.

The half lotus meditation posture position is a meditation position that is also used in chakra meditation for beginners. It is an easy way to focus on the different chakras for exceptional benefits. The chakras are not something that meditation for beginners should worry about. But soon after you’ve studied meditation types for a while, you will find that chakras will become important to you. Chakras are wheel-like vortices or energy centers in your body. They offer great meditation benefits, especially when you spend some time contemplating them and using them as focal points during healing meditations.

Kundalini meditation is part of the chakras and chakra meditation for beginners as well as yoga meditation. Probably the easiest way to describe Kundalini meditation is as a meditation that dwells at the base of the spine as coiled serpent. Because it is part of the chakras and located around the groin, it is often seen as a more physical meditative practice.

Kundalini yoga meditation is also a great meditation for beginners as it is more flexible in the postures or meditation positions that are allowed and even recommended. Oftentimes, spontaneous meditation postures are encouraged in Kundalini meditation.

In Tibetan meditation and other Buddhist meditation for beginners programs, natural hand positions are used where the left hand is laid upon the right hand naturally, with the thumbs touching, giving a somewhat Buddhist begging bowl look to the position.

In yoga meditation it is often believed that actual hand positions or what are called mudras are specifically beneficial to the mindfulness meditation and can actually alter the consciousness when practiced enough.

But as I’ve mentioned before, meditation for beginners is often best helped by lying down relaxed as the body can ache or grumble in other meditation positions if you are not used to them. Many beginners meditating, find that a meditation chair can be extremely beneficial in allowing for the focus of introspection and self reflection required of meditation for beginners.

Your Best Cushion for Meditation

Meditation is an excellent choice for an activity. Whatever you’re original reason or intent for choosing to do it, the end results would certainly bear out that you made the right choice. If you were simply forced into doing it by others, or maybe because of the situation that you are in, you would still feel the satisfaction in the end. That is what meditation does to the people that practice it, and why it has remained in favor over the ages.

Apart from being favored by people seeking enlightenment and wisdom over the years, meditation does so much on a personal level. If you are an individual searching for that inner calm and peace that seems so elusive, then meditation is for you. If you are a person who is burdened with stress and would like to find the best relief for it, then meditation is also for you. And if you are someone who is simply looking for a really effective way of relaxing then meditation is the way to go.

I found myself getting into meditation for the simplest and most practical of reasons myself. What I wanted was to simply have a new way to relax myself, after I have grown tired of the other ways and means that I have grown accustomed to. Of course I found that I made the right decision, and I am now enjoying the fruits of meditating regularly. Needless to say, I got much more than what I intended to get from the start, which is really great.

One of the things that I discovered as I went along with my meditation process is that you could get to use some meditation accessories as you go along with it. I have used a few myself, such as meditation beads, some candles and even some meditation music to help me along in the process. Among those that I haven’t used and just about to try is a meditation cushion and that is also why I am looking for the best cushion for meditation.

Meditation Cushions

Finding and using a good meditation cushion is actually an essential part of the meditation process. You do it not only to make yourself comfortable, but also to make sure that you do not sustain any injury while meditating. This is because using other kinds of cushions that are specifically designed for meditation might not provide the required comfort and support that the body needs while practicing the act. You can say that it would be good to invest in the right meditation cushion.

Zafus – Zafus creates some of the meditation cushions around, with it’s ergonomically designed cushions that allow its users to better spine alignment, stabilize the back, and be comfortable with the correct posture.

Gomdens – Gomdens are actually pretty new in the market, but are staring to make waves and becoming popular with the practitioners of meditation. Simple looking and yet provides an altogether different kind of cushioning experience for meditation practitioners.